Interviewed by India Narrative


On Jan 5th in 2023, India Narrative published an article about our india business such as new business creation support with Toshiba Software India and our investment in Indian startups.

‘In 2022, Toshiba Software in collaboration with Japanese Venture capital fund Beyond Next Ventures (BNV) chalked out big plans for India with the aim of dealing with social issues.’

‘ “Our main focus outside Japan is on India which consists of 20 per cent of our portfolio. We see the current situation in India as very similar to Japan’s early-stage high economic growth. Young demographics in Japan then and in India now feel that the “onus is on them to solve social and business problems and not leave it to large corporations,” Mayur Shah, Head – Business Development, BNV (India) told India Narrative.’

‘BNV has already invested about $22.6 million in Indian startups and is now gearing up to raise the next fund.’

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