Solving humanity’s challenges from macro to micro through science/technology.

Beyond Next Ventures (BNV) has multiple funds with about $340 million under management. We focus in deep tech, tend to lead early stage financing and look to support entrepreneurs primarily in Japan and India.

  • 90%


  • 75%

    Lead Investment

  • 75%

    Additional Investment

  • 70%

    Global Startups

  • 20% India 80% Japan

    Investment Region

as of March 2023


BNV is actively investing in a wide range of deep tech fields, including medical, agritech, and food tech sectors.

  • MedTech & Healthcare

    MedTech & Healthcare

  • Drug Discovery & Biotechnology

    Drug Discovery & Biotechnology

  • Agriculture & Food

    Agriculture & Food

  • Digital & Space

    Digital & Space

  • Climate Tech

    Climate Tech

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Growth Support

At BNV we are fostering company creation (venture studio) by combining internal and external resources to enable rapid progress bringing innovation to the commercial sphere

From pre-seed to global expansion

  • Deep-tech focused

    • We collaborate with global experts and corporations to establish global IP/business strategies.
    • We address all needs, including fundraising, alliances with businesses, and IPO preparation.
  • Team building by HR professionals

    • BNV’s headhunters build a talent pool and have a strong track record finding quaility management (CXO) for early stage companies.
  • BNV acceleration platform

Accelerate global growth with experts

  • Collaboration with global investors

    We facilitate collaborations with investors, corporations, and others in the US, India, and beyond. In India, we have established a dedcated support system with deep local talent.

  • Accelerate business with corporations

    We provide support for execution, with specialists that can support building partnerships with larger corporations and exploring collaborations with deep tech startups.

  • Experienced professionals with deep industry knowledge

    We have approximately 20 advisors specialized in different areas and can flexibly respond to areas requiring higher specialization.

Knowledge sharing ‘Fireside Chat’

We host monthly discussions with special guests on themes such as fundraising, organization building, recruitment, and business collaboration, to overcome the challenges faced by R&D startup managers together.

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