Creating the beyond next society; enabling exceptional people solving global challenges

We believe deep tech scientific innovations can enrich the world.

Gathering top talent and risk financing together with these innovations inspires new business models and ensures future generations by creating a reinforcing cycle of science and technology innovation.

The ecosystem we are building supports researchers with resources for business planning, HR team building, shared lab space with experimental infrastructure, and of course financing.

Our Accelerator, BRAVE, has enabled over 200 innovators to create and finance deep tech startups towards commercialization. They have raised over 50 billion yen in additional financings since graduating.

Our “INNOVATION LEADERS PROGRAM” has nurtured the career development of over 450 individuals exposing them to hands-on experience creating and managing technology and research based startups. Today more than 40 of our alumni are in CXOs positions in deep tech industry.

BNV manages more than 34 billion yen investing exclusively in deep tech startups that are transforming society in Japan and India. We often partner with teams at or before seed stage, and several in our portfolio having
successfully achieved IPOs and M&As.

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As an ecosystem builder where “exceptional challengers” in the deep tech field gather, we continue to boldly explore new frontiers. Our mission is to support researchers and entrepreneurs with a vision of the future beyond imagination to create the next society.

Beyond Next Ventures


Our ecosystem supports the growth of deep tech startups.
We invest capital, time and other resources to support R&D, commercialization and talent development activities.


Deep-tech Innovation

We have financial resources to support top entrepreneurs in the deep tech fields continuously from company inception across their entire startup journey. Please contact us if you are planning to start a business.



Transforming Research Breakthroughs into Commercial Successes

To best support researchers taking on the challenge of commercialization, we provide management team building, business plan development support, financial assistance, and access to incubation facilities.



Unlocking Doors for Entrepreneurs and Visionary Leaders

For business-oriented individuals with strong entrepreneurial and management aspirations, we offer opportunities for co-founding with researchers possessing highly viable technology seeds, as well as the chance to join seed-to-middle stage deep tech startups as CXOs.


Corporate Overview

Company Name Beyond Next Ventures Inc.
Business 1. Investment in deep-tech startups
2. Support for the commercialization of technology seeds
3. Development of management personnel
President Tsuyoshi Ito
Incorporation August 12. 2014
MFPR Nihonbashi Honcho Building 3F. 3-7-2
Nihonbashi-honcho. Chuo-ku. Tokyo. 103-0023. Japan
Google Map
Beyond Next Ventures India Pvt. Ltd.
Galaxy-Wework, 43, Residency Road, Shanthala Nagar
Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka
India – 560025
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Shared Laboratory (Beyond BioLAB TOKYO)
Nihonbashi Lifescience Building B1F 2-3-11 Nihonbashi-honcho. Chuo-ku. Tokyo. 103-0023. Japan
Google Map Read More
Recognition [JST] Business promoter in the University-launched New Industry Creation Program (START)
Asset under management USD 340 million

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