Creating new industries with research seeds nurtured in both Academia and Industry

Transforming Research Breakthroughs into Commercial Successes

We facilitate the formation joint ventures and recruitment of management teams. We provide dedicated support tailored to all business area to enable success. Our team of operators, venture capitalists and external mentors have deep experience translating early research successes into commercial and societal impact.

Commercial Successes

A gateway for researchers interested in practical applications for their innovations.

Since inception, BRAVE has supported over 200 researchers, enabled $300 million in financing. BRAVE is the largest accelerator programs in the R&D and deep tech fields.


“BRAVE MATE” – to learn and connect with others interested in deep tech.

Our community is open to everyone with an interest in deep tech, particularly researchers looking to translate their findings to broader societal impact. Drawing on insights from “BRAVE,” we have regular meetings and networking events to foster collaboration and share experiences.


“B-PORT”, a shared space for nascent entrepreneurs and startups.


Located in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, it offers early-stage business a functional workspace and opportunities to interact with venture capitalists, investors, experienced entrepreneurs, and peers with complementary interests.


“Beyond BioLAB TOKYO”, a shared lab for biotech startups


Situated in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, a central region for life sciences and home to many pharmaceutical companies, we offer support for R&D including guidance of a resident technical and business experts to accelerae development of early-stage biotech startups.


Support for corporate R&D carve-outs

We provide dynamic support for the initiation of new business through collaborations with startups and the commercialization of latent R&D seeds within your organization, fostering carve-outs into new startups.

Support for corporate R&D spin-offs


We are committed to accelerating the commercialization of deep tech research. Utilizing powerful support resources – funding, talent, and networks – we strive for greater heights with those taking on new challenges. If you are a researcher considering commercialization, or someone interested in creating new business, let’s talk!


Joined our company in April 2019, overseeing businesses related to the incubation of R&D startups such as “BRAVE”, a program assisting the commercialization of research seeds, and “Beyond BioLAB TOKYO”, a shared wet lab for biotech startups.