0→1 Journey

Co-founding experiences with researchers who have strong technology seeds and broad visions for launching global deep tech startups.

Co-founding Matching with Top Researchers

For entrepreneurs looking for business ideas, we facilitate match making with top scientists who are tackling some of the worlds most challenging problems, spaning healthcare to climate tech and many other industries.

Case Study


Mr. Honda, CEO of OPExPARK Co., Ltd.

Mr. Honda, CEO of OPExPARK Co., Ltd.

As a gastroenterologist and endoscopist, he has been involved in the treatment of many patients. He then joined Roland Berger, Europe’s largest strategic consulting firm, and experienced consulting in the healthcare field, such as medium- to long-term strategy formulation for pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers.

He was seeking a business theme to solve issues in the medical field, based on his clinical experience as a doctor.

He started entrepreneurial activities with BNV in 2019. He was matched with a technology seed being developed by a large company. In June of the same year, he and BNV established OPExPARK Co., Ltd., where he is responsible for business management as CEO.

Building Unicorns with Researchers

“INNOVATION LEADERS PROGRAM” is an exciting and challenging practical program to form companies with top scientist. To date, more than 400 individuals have leveraged this program to catapult their careers forward.


Seed to Middle

1→10 Journey

Over 100 individuals have participated as executives or core members in our portfolio companies. We support recruiting from the C-suite (COO/CFO/CTO) to business development, PdM, etc. Joining deep tech startups provides the challenge of tackling global problems.

Case Study


From a private equity firm to the COO of a DTx startup

Worked in M&A advisory and structured finance at a securities company. Later took on a new business development role at a healthcare startup. After working with a PE fund, he became the COO of one of our portfiolio companies and supported their IPO in 2021.


From a manufacturer to the CFO of a new materials startup

Gained experience in accounting and finance at a major materials manufacturer, and management planning at overseas posts. Later, experienced as head of financial accounting and executive at a tech startup, then became the CFO of one of our portfolio companies.


From an electrical manufacturer to a future COO of an IoT startup

Started from an engineering background and then worked in business development at an electrical equipment manufacturer. Later, he was responsible for a business development division at a service company, and is now the COO at our one of our portfolio companies overseeing product development and sales for the entire organization.

The path to becoming a founder or executive is there.

We will guide you to opportunities for management participation and co-founding in the area you aim for, utilizing our academia and deep tech startup network.

Executive Officer


Joined BNV in 2017. Responsible for planning and managing “INNOVATION LEADERS PROGRAM”, a management talent development program that forms the founding teams of invested companies and nurtures future entrepreneurs. CDA (Career Development Advisor), National Qualified Career Consultant.



Handled the executive division at JAC Recruitment, a personnel introduction company. As a manager, was responsible for SME and mid-sized teams, and involved in the executive recruitment of venture capital invested companies. Joined our company in 2020, and is in charge of supporting HR of portfolio companies and the community development.