Takehiko Sawabe



Takehiko covers Beyond Next Ventures’ investment in biotech start-ups. Prior to Beyond Next Ventures, he was Managing Director in INCJ, where he was involved with investment in biotech start-ups such as Stella Pharma (IPO on TSE Mothers in 2021), Megakaryon, Scohia Pharma etc. He started his career as a medicinal chemist in Meiji Seika in 2000. He was moved to business development in 2006, where he achieved some in-license deals with biotech start-ups. Between Meiji Seika and INCJ, he has career experience in Johnson & Johnson (medical device business development) and AbbVie (Japan portfolio management). He received a Master degree from Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Tokyo and a MBA from Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University.

Takehiko Sawabe