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Karthik Rampalli

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Karthik, a recipient of the prestigious MEXT Scholarship, obtained his undergraduate degree from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, where he majored in Information Technology with a focus on AI and deep learning. Prior to joining Beyond Next Ventures (BNV), Karthik played a pivotal role in advancing open innovation projects in collaboration with Japanese enterprises at an AI startup and Deloitte. He actively contributed to investments in Japanese CVC funds and startups in India and the US. At BNV, he has transitioned into the role of a capitalist while also supporting our portfolio companies in their global expansion. Karthik is highly passionate about investing in digital transformation and industry 5.0 sectors, including semiconductors and chips, 5G/6G deployments, cybersecurity, and AI. He is also an active member of communities such as Global Shapers (an initiative by the World Economic Forum) and deep-tech startup communities, as well as investor communities (PE, VC/CVC, angels) across the world. Karthik is fluent in Japanese, English, Hindi, Telugu, and basic German.

Karthik Rampalli